Articles 1981-2000


A Candle in the Darkness, September 1993, pp.507-510

The Silent Schism, January 1994, pp.3-10

Seeds for the Growing – a review, October 1994, pp.564-567

Coping with Change,  October 1996, pp.543-547

Dialogue or Dictation – dealing with Dissent, March 1997, pp.152-155

Escaping from Nostalgia Lane,  February 2000, pp.88-96.

Oracles of God – a review, June 2000, pp.370-380



How liberal is Post-Christian Liberalism?, February 2000, pp.80-86

A road-map in our present troubles, a review of the book Scattering the Proud: Christianity beyond 2000, by Seán Ó Conaill, March 2000, pp.187-188



Shangombo – A Blessed Refuge, (Spring 1985), pp.5-6.

Above these Things, have Charity, (Winter 1985), pp.19-20.

Good News from Africa, (Autumn 1987), pp.5-6.

When Elephants fight, it’s the Grass that Suffers, (Winter 1987), pp.10-11.

Zambezi – Crocodile River, (Winter 1988), pp.8-9.

Am I my Brother’s Keeper? Yes, you are., (Spring 1989), pp.10-11.

AIDS in Zambia, (Winter 1989), pp.5-6.

God’s Fire, (Spring 1990), pp.14-15.

Lay Missionaries in Zambia, (Summer 1990), pp.14-16.

Liam Cronin – Lay Missionary in Mangango, Zambia, (Autumn 1990), pp.8-9.

Irish Capuchin Missionaries, (Winter 1990), pp.18-19.

Fresh water from an Old Spring, (Spring 1991), pp.14-15.

Faith Alive, (Summer 1991), pp.8-9.

It is in Giving that we Receive, (Autumn 1991), pp.5-6.

When Forwards means Backwards, (Spring 1992), pp.4-5.

Does Aid to the Third World ever Work?, (Summer 1992), pp.4-6.

What is Development? (Autumn 1992), pp.15-16.

Why has “Development” Failed? (Winter 1992), pp.5-6.

Irish Volunteer in Zambia, Vol.10, No.2, (1993), p.2.

Morals in the Making, Vol.11, No.3, (October 1994), p.3.

The Leper: Minister of Peace, Vol.12, No.1, (March 1995), p.3.



BICI was begun in the Nineteen Eighties to serve as a channel of communication within the Capuchin Order on a world-wide basis.

When I was in Zambia I was asked to contribute items to it as they arose. I wrote the following:

Inculturating the Gospel Message, (May-June 1991), pp.73-74.

Centenary of the Church in Zambia, (July- August 1991), p.105.

Vice Province erected in Zambia, (January-February 1992), pp.15-17.

Work for Refugees Recognized, (January-February 1992), pp.23-24.



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“The Forgotten Men of the Centenary”Impact (the journal of the Zambian Catholic Secretariat), February 1992, pp.8-9.