Articles 2001-


What do we make of the New Missal? October 2010, pp.44-49

Resurrection, not Resuscitation, April 2011, pp.17-24

Ireland’s Identity, December 2011, pp.17-26

Is infant baptism pastorally responsible? January 2012, pp.40-44



Where Three Streams Meet – a review, February 2001, pp.116-119

Mass Murder, March 2001, pp.169-171

Dominus Iesus, April 2001, pp.216-222

Four Homilies, April 2001, pp.241-244

Listening to the Body, April 2002, pp.228-235

Where are the Priest-Prophets? January 2003, pp.37-42

Homosexual Unions,  March 2005, pp.142-145

Is Ireland heading for Islam?, November 2006, pp.602-608

Saved by the Laity,  September 2007, pp.497-502

Symbolism – a review, November 2007, pp.635-637

Forever Fathers, July 2009, pp.415-418

Mantastic! – Men’s Rites of Passage, February 2010, pp.118-120

Domestic Abuse,  May 2010, pp. 293-297

Why do Irishmen take their own lives?  October 2010, pp.540-546

Small Christian Communities, February 2013, pp.92-96



New Beginnings was a quarterly magazine published by the Irish Province of the Capuchins to serve as a link between the Order and the public whom we serve in our churches and elsewhere. I became its editor in October 1999 with Issue No.3. I found it difficult to persuade friars to write for it, and was sometimes compelled by necessity to write almost the entire issue myself! So, in writing on environmental issues, I used a pseudonym, “Peter McCarthy”. Nos. 8, 10, 13, 16, 17 and 32 below were written by me under this name.

Drugs and your Child,     New Beginnings, No.4

Have you heard of Alpha? New Beginnings, No.5

No Safe Cigarette, New Beginnings, No.5

AIDS in Africa, New Beginnings, No.6

Ten tips to top up your Work, New Beginnings, No.7

Creating space for God, New Beginnings, No.7

The changing face of Irish farming, New Beginnings, No.8 (Peter McCarthy)

A Century of Martyrs, New Beginnings, No.8

Give Presence for Christmas,  New Beginnings, No.10

Water, New Beginnings, No.10 (Peter McCarthy)

GM Foods- whom can we trust?, New Beginnings, No.13 (Peter McCarthy)

Visit to the Church in Xi’an, China., New Beginnings, No.14

Judaism, Christianity and Islam, New Beginnings, No.15

Child Soldiers, Scandal of our Time, New Beginnings, No. 16 (Peter McCarthy)

The Mystique of the Reek, New Beginnings, No.17

Weapons of Mass Destruction, New Beginnings, No. 17 (Peter McCarthy)

Can Religions Unite?, New Beginnings, No.18

Father Theobald Mathew, New Beginnings. No.28

Peace by Peace?, New Beginnings. No.31

Our Energy Future, New Beginnings,     No.32, (Peter McCarthy)

A Dangerous World, New Beginnings. No.32

Forever Fathers, The Capuchin, No.40

Where are Men going in Ireland Today?, The Capuchin, No.41

Learning from Mistakes or Not?, The Capuchin, No.43



Fundamentalism – There’s more than one kind, 30 June 2011, p.23



God Within, Annus 48 (2007), Fasc. 3, pp.317-337



Slave, servant, son/daughter, Vol.8, July/August 2002, Issue no. 43, pp.224-227.

Planet Earth: God-at-play, self-creating, or just a fluke?, Vol.13, May/June 2007, Issue no.72, pp.167-171.

I’m not religious; I’m spiritual, Vol. 16, Nov/Dec. 2010, Issue no. 93, pp. 370-374.

Light – an icon of God, Vol. 17, No. 99, pp. 338-340.

The Healing Grace of Forgiveness, Vol. 18, No.104, pp.294-299.



Jew, Christian and Moslem – can they help bring peace to the world? September 2001, pp.12-13, under the title, “Peace by Piece”, but without the questions and answers.



This is a leaflet issued by the Province to promote communication among the friars, and, in particular, to focus attention on issues of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation. It began about 2008. I have just two articles in it, as follows:

Curacy in Gurránabráher, 2013

Francis – Impressions, 2013



A Story with a Happy Beginning