Articles 1967-1980


The Open Road was the name of a student magazine we had in Ards Friary, which was then the theology house of the Irish Capuchin Province. It ran to just five issues before ceasing publication. I was editor for Nos. 2-4.

Priestly Celibacy – Law and Liberty, No. 1, (March 1968), pp.5-8

Editorial, No. 2, (March 1969), p.4

Death Control: War and Violence, No. 2, (March 1969), pp.22-27

Editorial, No. 3, (May 1969), p.3

Diagnosis and Prognosis, No.3, (May 1969), pp.24-28.

Where Are We Going Today?, No.4, (Jan 1970), pp.1-3.



The Father Mathew Record was published by the Irish Capuchins from about the Nineteen Thirties. It went through many changes, most noticeably in size. Its name was changed in 1967 to Éirigh, then to The Capuchin, then to New Beginnings, before reverting to The Capuchin. The latter was discontinued following the Provincial Chapter in 2013.

I wrote two articles for it:

Religious Liberty Today, (October 1967), pp.13-14

The Irish Constitution and Religious Liberty, (November 1967), pp. 10-11

I wrote under my baptismal name, Gerald B. O’Sullivan, but the editor misspelled my first name throughout as Gerard.

The Father Mathew Record was re-named as Éirigh in 1968.



Éirigh was the new name given to the Father Mathew Record from the start of 1968.

I wrote eight articles for it, under my baptismal name, misspelled throughout as Gerard instead of Gerald B. O’Sullivan. 

Wolfe Tone, Friend of Catholics? (February 1968), p.32.

Democracy and Majority Rule, (March 1969), pp.14-15.

Democracy or Technocracy? (April 1969), pp.12-13.

Death Control: War and Violence, (December 1969), pp. 14-17.

A Dilemma Resolved? (February 1970), pp.24-25.

Property in Ireland in the Nineteenth Century, (April 1970), pp. 14-15.

Pearse and Property, (May 1970), p.30.

James Connolly, a Communist? (June 1970), p.21.



Zambia: first impressions, 1978

Trying to Understand, 1978

The Church in Zambia, 1979