Am I Becoming an Alcoholic?

(The Nationalist, 16 August 2002)


Being an alcoholic is not a matter of what I drink, or how long I’ve been drinking. It’s a matter of what alcohol does to me. If I want to know whether I am on my way to becoming an alcoholic, I can ask myself these twelve questions. If the answer to any of them is “Yes”, then it is time for me to have a serious look at my drinking.

If I need help, Alcoholic Anonymous are there to offer it. They’re in the phone book, or at the address given below.

  1. Do I drink because I have problems, or in order to face up to stressful situations?
  2. Do I drink when I get angry with people, whether relatives, friends, or others?
  3. Do I often prefer to drink alone rather than with others?
  4. Have I begun missing school or work because of my drinking?
  5. Do I ever try to stop drinking, or to drink less, and fail?
  6. Do I drink in the morning, before school or work?
  7. Do I gulp down my drinks as if I were thirsty?
  8. Do I ever experience loss of memory due to drinking?
  9. Do I avoid being honest with others about my drinking?
  10. Do I ever get into trouble when I have been drinking?
  11. Do I often get drunk when I drink, even though I meant not to?
  12. Do I think that being able to hold drink means I’m adult or mature?